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  • Dragon Age 2 Game Guide
    A comprehensive guide to all things Dragon Age 2 - hints and tips, walkthroughs, weapon and character guides, and much more.
  • Did Dragon Age 2 Let Down Its Core Audience?
    Dragon Age 2 has proven to be a bit of a controversial game this year, with old fans hating the changes in the release, and some newcomers liking the touch-ups. Is it really as bad as the most vocal critics say?
  • Hawke's Legacy: The First DLC Expansion For Dragon Age 2
    It's been over four months since Dragon Age 2 came out. If you've been itching for some added gameplay, it's finally arrived in the form of Dragon Age 2: Legacy. Is Bioware's first DLC outing worth a return to the Free Marches? Read on to find out.
  • Dragon Age 2 Solo Warrior Guide - Surviving Nightmare Difficulty
    In this Dragon Age 2 guide, learn what it takes to survive as a solo Warrior character in Nightmare mode. Find out effective combat strategies, how to handle different types of enemies, what items to purchase, what talents to choose and other useful tips in Act 1 of the game.
  • Dragon Age 2 Guide - How to Romance Anders
    In Dragon Age 2, romance is possible. Anders is one of the characters with whom you can build a relationship. Find out details on how to build up your friendship with him so it can lead to romantic encounters.
  • Dragon Age II Walkthrough - All That Remains
    All That Remains will round out the serial killer quest, and will involve your family. You'll need to track down your mother and finally bring the serial killer to justice, which does mean a whole lot of killing along the way.
  • Dragon Age II Walkthrough - Blackpowder Courtesy
    Blackpowder Courtesy is the second step of the Qunari plotline. You'll need to track down a lost poison recipe before half of Kirkwall dies. Naturally this means killing waves of mercenaries, thugs and getting a few cool weapons.
  • Dragon Age II Walkthrough - Mirror Image
    It's time to help out Merrill in her quest to repair the broken elven mirror. This means a bit of an errand up to Sundermount so that we can convince the Dalish to lend Merrill the knife. If you need some help with this quest, or killing the Varterral, just look here.
  • Dragon Age 2 Modifications - The 10 Best
    Love Bioware's seminal action-rpg Dragon Age games? Then you absolutely have to check out some good DA2 mods. Improved textures and graphics, HUD options, and even evolving weapons are just a few examples of the top 10 best Dragon Age 2 mods available today. Keep reading to find out more.
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