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    • Dragon Age II Walkthrough - Family Matter
      It's time for Varric's companion quest, and a chance for us to get some revenge against Bartrand for his betrayal in the Deep Roads. If you need any help fighting your way through the mansion to reach Bartrand, then just look here for some help.
    • Dragon Age II Walkthrough - Night Terrors
      You need to save Feynriel from his literal demons in this quick secondary quest into the Fade. If you need help dealing with the demons or deciding what to do with Feynriel, just look here for some quick advice.
    • Dragon Age 2 Main Plot Quests for Act 2 - Guide and Walkthrough
      In this Dragon Age 2 walkthrough, get details on some of the main plot quests in Act 2 of the game. Discussed are Black Powder Courtesy, Offered and Lost as well as the Prime Suspect quest.
    • Dragon Age 2 Quests for Companions in Act 2 - Aveline, Anders and Varric
      In Dragon Age 2, companion quests help you build friendships or rivalries. Get details on the Family Matter, Dissent and the Long Road. These quests will help build your relationships with Anders, Aveline and Varric in Act 2 of the game.
    • Dragon Age 2 Guide - How to Romance Fenris
      Dragon Age 2 romance options are an intriguing part of the game. Fenris is one of the characters with whom you can build a relationship. Find out details on how to build a friendship with him so it can lead to romantic encounters.
    • Dragon Age 2 Guide - How to Romance Merrill
      Building a romance with Merrill is not easy. If you have patience and follow this guide, you will be successful in this pursuit by Act 3 in Dragon Age 2.
    • Dragon Age 2 Quests for Companions in Act 2 - Fenris and Merrill
      In Dragon Age 2, companions are a key element to success in the game . Completing companion quests build friendships or rivalries and can help you earn special bonuses. Get details on A Bitter Pill and Mirror Image.
    • Dragon Age II Walkthrough - Wayward Son
      We need to do a bit of a long rescue mission. An elf named Feynriel has decided to run away from the Circle, and we need to find him and save him (one way or another). If you need some help tracking him down or battling the slavers, just look below for more help.
    • Dragon Age 2 Rogue Skills
      The basic overview of the skills that any good rogue has in his arsenal. Dragon Age 2 Rogue Skills allow players to get the edge on enemies from the shadows.
    • Dragon Age 2 Warrior Skills
      Knowing what you have to work with when raising up a warrior can let you in on how to fight with one in the heat of battle.
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