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    • Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - The Blight Orphans' Board (Blight Orfans Notis Bord)
      The Crown and Lion Inn has a special notice board for the "blight orphans." Anyone with half a brain should be able to tell that they aren't real blight orphans, but it has a funny quest line and it actually has a pretty happy ending. If you want to get some easy experience, look here.
    • Wending Woods Side Quests in Dragon Age: Awakening
      The Wending Woods is a fairly small area, but you can do a few side quests in it besides the ones for the Merchants Guild or the Chanters Board. We cover the Summoning Circle, the Brothers of Stone, Keenan's Last Wish, Ines the Botanist and a few other points of interest.
    • Dragon Age: Awakening - Retaking Vigil's Keep
      We get off to a quick start. The darkspawn have apparently made a full raid on Vigil's Keep, our new home and base. You need to storm the fortress with Mhairi. I'll tell you how to get Anders and Oghren and how to save Varel and kill the Withered. I'll also tell you how to find all the survivors
    • Dragon Age: Awakening - Undying Blackmarsh - Shadow of the Blackmarsh
      We're through the Fade and into the version of Blackmarsh in the other realm. We need to decide whether we wish to support the Spirit of Justice or the Baroness in the war with the town. We also need to kill one or the other and then kill the Baroness back in the real world.
    • Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Vigil's Keep Side Quests
      Our home base at Vigil's Keep has a number of possible side quests for us to do. We can do the "Bombs Away" quest with Dworkin, "A Master's Work" and "Elemental Requirements" for Wade and Herren and help reinforce the walls for Voldrik in "What Is Built Endures."
    • Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Walkthrough Part 1 (Vigil's Keep)
      In the first part of this Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening walkthrough, we'll be looking at the Vigil's Keep area of the game, which is under attack from roving darkspawn at the beginning of the narrative. Read on for ways to defeat this threat and restore order to Vigil's Keep.
    • Dragon Age Origins Awakening - Side Quests in the City of Amaranthine
      There are a lot of side quests in the city of Amaranthine. Described In this Dragon Age Origins Awakening guide are the spoiler information and details you will need to complete them and earn the gold sovereigns and experience.
    • Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Handling the Nobles
      As the Arling of Vigil's Keep and Amaranthine, you have a lot of work to do with the local nobles. You need to position your soldiers, deal with the Brewing Conspiracy and handle a riot. If you need any help with your governing duties, look here.
    • Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - The Final Battle - Assault on Amaranthine
      It's time to face the Blight head on. There are darkspawn moving against Vigil's Keep and Amaranthine. We need to make a decision. One of these is to stand our ground and protect Amaranthine. I'll tell you how to save Amaranthine in the this last stand.
    • Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Knotwood Hills and Kal'Hirol
      It seems that there are a whole lot of darkspawn around a big crack in the ground. There's a whole series of Deep Roads that we need to clear, along with the ancient dwarf fortress of Kal'Hirol. We'll have one long battle ahead of us to kill a broodmother and a whole lot of darkspawn.
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