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Dragon Age Origins PC Cheats

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Dragon Age can be tough game. If you need help getting through it, and your honor doesn't hold you back, using some cheat codes can help a lot. This guide lays out some of the most helpful cheat codes for Dragon Age Origins

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    You Dirty Cheater!

    Dragon Age Origins Cheats: Show the Ogre who is the boss Dragon Age: Origins can be a tough game. There are many fights which require a great deal of strategy to defeat. There are also situations where fights may feel cumbersome or too numerous. In addition, the complexity of Dragon Age: Origins makes the exploration of its combat mechanics rewarding, but the base game largely obscures the mechanics and makes it difficult to figure out the details of how fights work.

    In other words, there are situations where the player will feel the urge to cheat, either to defeat a boss who seems impossible or to dink around with the game's mechanics.

    These cheats are for the PC version of the game.

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    Enable the Console

    There is a plethora of cheats available in Dragon Age Origins, but to they are accessed through the developer console. So, to use the cheats, you must first enable that console.

    To open it, you'll need to alter your Dragon Age shortcut by adding the line -enabledeveloperconsole at the end of the shortcut target. Next you'll need to edit the KeyBinding.ini file in your Dragon Age/Settings folder. Find OpenConsole_0 and add the value Keyboard::Button_Tilde.

    Pressing the ~ key should now open the console. The console is not (and never will be) visible. However, enabling the console will disable the command functions of keys - this is how you'll know that the console is open. Once it is open you're free to enter console commands. There is a HUGE number of console commands, but I've listed some of the most relevant ones below.

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    Console Commands for Winning Battles

    The following commands are useful for winning battles. Some are also hilarious.

    runscript bowlingforferelden - This creates a globe of energy around the player character which knocks enemies out of the way. Lasts 20 seconds.

    runscript healplayer - Heals all party members instantly.

    runscript pc_immortal - Prevents the player character's health from dropping below 1.

    runscript zz_supercrit player - Gives the player character 1000 health, 1000 mana, 50 strength and 50 dexterity.

    runscript killallhostiles - Kills all enemies instantly!

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    Console Commands for Making Life Easier

    These commands do not directly bring victory in battle, but they make the game easier in other ways.

    runscript addXP X - Replace X with a number to add that amount of experience points to the player character.

    runscript zz_money X - Replace X with a number to add that amount of copper to the party inventory. Remember that 100 copper equals 1 gold.

    runscript zz_getparty - Places all party members near the player character.

    runscript zz_party_addgifts - Adds gifts to the party inventory

    runscript zz_upgrade - Opens the enchantment menu instantly

    runscript injury_remall / runscript injury_remparty - Injury_remall removes injuries from the player character, runscript injury_remparty removes them from the party.

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    Console Commands for Getting Stuff

    These commands instantly add awesome stuff to the party inventory.

    runscript zz_givearmor - Adds Dragonbone Armor to inventory

    runscript zz_starmetal_sword - Adds the 1H and 2H Starfury swords to inventory. Requires the Warden's Keep DLC.

    runscript zz_createrunes - Adds some runes and the Oathkeeper sword to inventory.

    runscript zz_set_trap - Adds some traps to inventory

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    Console Commands for Respec

    Yes, it is possible to respec in Dragon Age Origins using some console commands. These commands and the instructions for respecting can be found in the Dragon Age Origins Respec Guide.