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Dragon Age: Origins - Trainer Programs

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Is Dragon Age: Origins giving you a rough time? You can make it easier by using a trainer program to give you extra health or more abilities. This article covers some of the most popular trainers available for the game.

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    Dragon Age Origins Trainers

    Dragon Age Origins Trainer Dragon Age: Origins is a tough game. You are often put into situations which require very devious strategic plans in order to achieve victory, and even then you might be in a hopeless situation if you don't have the correct spells, potions and other support equipment. Getting out of a tough situation in Dragon Age: Origins might very well require that a little bit of cheating be done.

    Of course, one way to cheat is to use actual cheat codes. If you prefer to go that route, Bright Hub has a Dragon Age: Origins cheat guide which provides detailed information on how to use cheats in the PC version of the game. However, if you want to make things a bit easier on yourself you're going to need to use a Dragon Age: Origins trainer program.

    A trainer program is a program which automatically enables cheats for you. There are a few trainer options available for Dragon Age: Origins

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    Cheat Happens Trainer

    Cheat Happens is a website which specializes in cheat codes and trainers. They actually create trainers for their members and keep them as up to date as possible so that the trainers can be used with patched versions of the game.

    You'll note that is said "their members." Cheat Happens offers a for-pay membership which is required if you want to gain access to all of the trainers they have for the game. This may be worth it, however. The trainer which Cheat Happens makes available is very simple to use and includes numerous options. These include unlimited health, unlimited mana, increased party health, the ability to gain or lose character levels at will, the ability to add experience at will, the ability the modify attributes and skill points and the ability to add gold. These are in fact just a few of the options, as well - the "Mega Trainer" has many more.

    The Cheat Happens trainer also works with all versions of Dragon Age Origins including those bought at retail and those bought through Steam.

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    Free Trainers and other Dragon Age Trainers

    Dragon Age Origins Free Trainers 

    In addition to the Cheat Happens trainer, there are also numerous free trainers which are available online.

    These trainers do have two disadvantages. The first is that they are more limited in their use. Generally these trainers only cover the basics. They do cover things like unlimited health, adding gold, and adding attribute points, but they don't cover finer details like adjusting levels at will. This trainers will get you through the game, but only through a brute force approach. Those who like to use trainers as ways to experiment with a game's mechanics won't find that the free trainers have much to offer.

    Also, the free trainers are free products and are not supported by any specific company. They were created by individuals who have probably moved on since their creation. They may not work with new patches of Dragon Age: Origins. In fact, the Dragon Age: Origins +8 trainer, the most full featured free trainer which I know of, only works with Dragon Age 1.0.