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    • Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Orzammar - Bhelen's First Task
      If you want to help Prince Bhelen's bid for the position of king, then you'll need to do some fairly tough work for him. Our simple delivery mission will require a trip to the Deep Roads of Orzammar and Aeducan Thaig. If you need help finding Lord Dace or Lord Helmi, then look here.
    • Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - The Landsmeet - The Vote
      Well, it's all come down to this. We need to manage the Grey Wardens' position at the Landsmeet along Arl Eamon. You'll need to speak out against Loghain, have a bit of a dual and make the big decision for who should rule, If you need any help with the Landsmeet, then just look here.
    • Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Brecilian Forest Side Quests
      The Dalish side quests are a fun little way to get some new items and codex entries. I'll explain how to do Cammen's Lament, Lost to the Curse, Rare Ironbark, Wounded in the Forest, and Elora's Halla. If you need help finding or beating these side quests, then look here.
    • Dragon Age: Origins - Redcliffe - Preparing the Village
      A full attack is coming and we have a lot to do. I'll show you how to properly prepare the defenses and hold out against the assault of undead corpses attacking Redcliffe village.
    • Guide on Gifts and Approval In DA: Origins
      In Dragon Age there are a number of gifts available, which are used for further developing the relationship with your chosen companions. Have a look here for a list of gifts, and which companions they are intended for.
    • Dragon Age Origins: Playing the Rogue
      Though largely story-driven, Dragonage Origins still abides to the medieval-fantasy canons set by its predecessors; the usual serving of three character classes and three races. This Brighthub article focuses towards the Rogue, more complex and versatile than the mage or warrior.
    • Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - The Sacred Ashes of Andraste - Brother Genitivi and Haven
      Before we set off on our search for the Sacred Ashes of Andraste, we need to find out just where they are. This means tracking down Brother Genitivi in Denerim and dealing with his interesting apprentice Weylon. We'll also need to head out to Haven and deal with the interesting villagers.
    • Dragon Age: Origin Walkthrough - Ostagar Main Quest - The Test
      Well, we're heading out into battle with the darkspawn. We need to kill the darkspawn in the area, collect some vials of darkspawn blood, and gather up a few treaties from a special chest out in the abandoned ruins. If you need any help guiding your party through the test, then look here.
    • Dragon Age Origins: Playing the Warrior
      For King Cailan! Knight, keep well thy head and read through this Brighthub’s guide on effective strategies for DA warrior builds, from sword-and-board to dual-wielding.
    • Dragon Age Origins: Playing the Mage
      Hover through the fog and filthy air with our DA guide for mages and witches alike; read on for tips on which abilities and talents work best for mages. Watch where you point that finger…
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